Do you think you can eat more greens with your meal, everyday, for 7 days?

The recommended servings of vegetables for healthy adult is 5-6 serves a day and many people are not getting near enough vegetables in their diet.

Join me on the 7-Day Eat More Greens challenge to learn how easy it is to eat more greens and cultivate the habit of eating nutritious plant foods. You don’t need to give up anything. You just need to eat more greens. Sound easy doesn’t it? Because it is!

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I will be sending you emails with meal plan, recipes and daily tips to make eating greens delicious and fun. My recipes are simple and easy to make, and they also taste great. I promise :)

The 7-Day Eat More Greens challenge is just a start to a lifestyle habit you can continue beyond the 7 days, once you learn how easy it is. Your body will love you for it!

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