Hi I’m Keren – a vegan foodie, photographer, video producer and slightly uncordinated girl with too many ideas and never enough time.

I  believe that experiences, like food and wines, are best shared. And I love sharing mine.

Welcome to my blog. Here you’ll find delicious vegan recipes from my home kitchen, personal stories, interviews with inspirational people and my current musing.

I live in Sydney with Missa, my adorable Spoodle. I love to eat, travel, and experience new things. I love exploring the geeky side of the tech, appreciating the beauty of art and learning about the world, people and life in general. To me, life is one big adventure and I intend to make the most of every moment of it.

Why vegan food?

Up until a few years ago I was a full blown omnivore. I love food and it has always been my passion. But as my love for food continued to grow, so did my desire in learning about health and nutrition, and where my foods come from. I want to eat good food, be healthy, and cause minimal impact to the planet.

Through research, and self-experimentations, I decided that plantbased lifestyle ticked all the boxes. And in 2013, the unthinkable happened. I made the switch! It was hard but it was one of the best decision I’ve made. I never looked back. Life is much better now.

If you can live and thrive without hurting anyone, why not? I believe eating vegan has never been easier (and more delicious). Just browse through some of my recipes and you’ll see.

What else do I do?

I’m one of those people multi-passionate people who love working on a number of different projects at the same time. When I’m not in the kitchen whipping up new recipes, you’d find me either working on some creative projects, on my Ginger Latte business, or in my part time consulting role. I’ve also started painting recently so I’ve been trying to squeeze that in whenever I can.

Anyway, if you manage to get this far, I’d love to get to know you. Email me (keren@passionatelykeren.com.au) or find me on social and say hello. See you on the other side.

Love and greens,

Keren x