My thoughts on 4 My Earth eco-friendly food bags

What if we don’t need to use plastic to cover or store our food?


I have to say, I was not brought up to care much about the environment. Growing up in a developing country it is not a subject that people would discuss. No one seemed to care. It wasn’t until my first year of university here in Sydney that I learned about the some of major environmental issues the world is facing, and how we as human beings play an important role in protecting the environment.


I can’t say that I’m an environmentalist; I have a while to go yet. But I do try to reduce my footprint on this earth. I recycle things, reuse things and try to reduce the use of non-degradable plastic bags when possible and feasible.



When I first came across 4 My Earth Food bag I really thought it was a brilliant idea. You know when you see an invention so simple that you wonder, ‘why didn’t I think of that myself’. It was one of those moments. Times have changed now: people care more about the environment now more than before. I care about the environment more than I used to, and so should you. I might not be marching at rallies for environmental causes, and you won’t see me wearing hemp shirts anytime soon, but I can use less plastic. We all can. Especially when the alternative is this pretty.


4 My Earth are reusable and washable bamboo produce bags. I tested them using some fruits and vegetables I had in the fridge, and of course, with some popcorn! The quality of the fabric is fantastic and I think they look super cute. They even have a bread bag, which fits my giant size kale (most plastic bags don’t).



When I showed my boyfriend these gorgeous bags he said something that really made me think. He said ‘yes they’re good but plastic bags are free’ – of course he was referring to the plastic bags he gets from the grocery shops. Hmm…

Yes they are free. Maybe that’s the whole problem. Maybe they shouldn’t be free. Nothing in the world is really, truly free. Someone, somewhere is paying for them. Maybe our children’s children are paying for them, or maybe we are paying ourselves. Aldi, among others,do not supply free plastic bags. They bring down their cost of goods instead (and their business seems to be doing well with this model) so maybe other retailers will follow suit in the future?


At end of the day it’s all about personal choice. You don’t have to be eco-friendly, you choose to be eco-friendly. But there are great companies like 4MyEarth that can support your once you’ve made that choice. Check out the 4MyEarth website to get your hands on their adorable ecofriendly bags and follow them on Instagram for eco-friendly posts and deliciousness.

With love,


Disclaimer: Products recieved from 4MyEearth for editorial review. This is not a sponsored post and as always, all opinion is my own. 

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