Edible Mini Dipping Bowls

Brussels Sprout Mini Bowl-1

This is more an idea than a recipe and it’s so simple it’s almost not blog-worthy. But I thought I’d share it with you since you might find it useful.

When people serve vegetable sticks and dips at parties or events, often you see the vegetables are arranged nicely with the dip sitting in the middle, either in a bowl if it’s homemade or in the original container if it was store-bought. Nothing wrong with that except when people start double-dipping (ugh!) or you’re faced with the dilemma yourself.

It happens to me quite often, actually. I’ve always wondered whether it would be socially acceptable if I turned the carrot stick around and used the un-bitten end to get an extra dip. Sometimes the amount of dips you get at first instance is just not enough to cover the entire stick and you want an equal proportion of dip and carrots at each mouthful, since that’s the whole point of having dips, right?

Brussels Sprout Mini Bowl-1-3

This idea came to me one day when I was cutting up some carrots and celery at home to take to work, and thought I’d need some small containers to take my favourite Pilpel Dips to work, since I didn’t want to take the whole thing. I was cutting up some Brussels sprouts to eat with the dip, and a light bulb went on. Why not make mini edible bowls out of them. So I did! Behold the Brussels Sprouts Dipping Bowl. It’s study, it’s edible, and there’s no messy clean up after. The best about it is that everyone can have their own mini bowl of dip and walk around with it.

Why didn’t I think of this before?

Edible Mini Dipping Bowls (serve 2- 4)

Brussels Sprout Mini Bowl-3


  • A handful of fresh large-ish Brussels sprouts (about 4 sprouts), rinsed and dried
  • Some tasty dips
  • Some veggie sticks (carrots, celery, etc)

Brussels Sprout Mini Bowl-2


  1. Cut the stem off and peel off the layers. These are your edible mini bowls.
  2. Spread ‘bowls’ on a plate and place a tablespoon on dips into each bowl. Note: You can also make your guess do this themselves if serving these at a dinner party
  3. Grab a veggie stick and dip away!