The Everyday Vegan Project

There’s a new and exciting project that has recently launched! It’s called Everyday Vegan.TV. It’s aims at helping you thrive on a plant-based lifestyle in an easy and fun want. I had the fortunate opportunity to go behind the scene of their first photoshoot day to see what it’s all about.  Here’s a sneak peak of what happened that day.

Are you excited? I am! I’m super stoked to be contributing to this awesome project! Anything that inspires people to embrace the plantbased lifestyle hold a special place in my heart.

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The people behind Everyday Vegan

All the food and recipes are still under wrap at this stage but here’s I can introduce you to some of the beautiful souls behind this initiative.

Here’s Dan, the co-founder and grower. He’s the guy that will teach you how to grow your own food. And guess what, you don’t even need a backyard for it. You should see some of the balcony gardens that Dan helped create. So cool!

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Here’s Maz, founder and vegan chef  – she dislike being called a chef because she doesn’t have a chef background, but according to the Oxford Dictionary, the word chef is defined as a professional cook, one that cooks in a restaurant or hotel so technically Maz IS a chef! And oh, she also owns Sadhana Kitchen. A very popular and successful vegan restaurant in Sydney. How’s that for qualification?!

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Here’s Fiona, a vegan nutritionist who will tell you how you get your protein (among other things) on a plantbased diet. She’s amazing in her knowledge of everything nutrition. And guess what, she also used to be a DJ. How’s that for some street points.

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And the last but not least, Stan – the muscle man. He’s a vegan personal trainer and a pull-up expert who will show you how to be buffed, the plant-based way. I realised that Stan is pretty popular around Bondi Beach (where he works out most of the times). Everyone seems to know him!

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So now you know the cool kids behind EverydayVegan.TV. Their first program – 7 Day Raw Reset is starting next week (5th September). You can join for free and get a full 7 day cleansing meal plan. I’m excited to give it a go. I’ve never been raw for more than a day so it will be quite interesting.


Check out EverydayVegan.TV for more info, tips and the recipe for the gorgeous green smoothies pictured above. Let’s do it together!

Keren x



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