The Chocolate Yogi - Oscar Bar

Eat Chocolate, Save Orangutans

Have you heard?

The Chocolate Yogi is running a competition where you can win a year’s worth of vegan chocolateThat’s a lot of belly-filling chocolate!

The Chocolate Yogi - Oscar Bar

For those who came in late, The Chocolate Yogi is a Vegan Chocolate Company and Social Enterprise in Australia with a mission to change the world, one healthy chocolate bar at a time.

They currently donate 10 cents from every bar sold to Sea Shepherd to protect whales in the Southern Ocean, and have raised over 10,000 dollars for that cause in the past six months.

And now they’re supporting another charity that is very close to my heart, The Orangutan Project. The Orangutan Project is a charity with a mission to ensure the survival of both Sumatran and Bornean Orangutan species in their natural habitat.

They purchase tracts of rainforest land in Sumatra and Borneo, in Indonesia, for the purpose of protecting the forest and running Orangutan Sanctuaries for orphaned and injured Orangutans affected by the Palm Oil Industry.

Being born and raised in Indonesia I’m very well aware of the destruction the Palm Tree business has on Orangutans. Six thousand Orangutans are killed every year! The Orangutan Project has been working hard to prevent the extinction of this vulnerable species and halt the destruction of their habitat.


Now the team at The Chocolate Yogi want to raise at least $30,000 for the Orangutan Project in the next 12 months, to help fund the purchase and protection of more land.  With $30,000 they can purchase 100,000 hectares of land!

And this is where you come in!  The Chocolate Yogi has launched The Orangutan Project Fundraising Competition starting from this 1st September.

They’ve released a mini Orangutan chocolate bar (about the size of Frogs chocolate bar if you’re familiar with those) and they will be donating 5 cents from every bar sold to The Orangutan Project.

The Chocolate Yogi - Oscar Bar

The Chocolate Yogi - Oscar Bar

The competition will run for 8 weeks, and they want you to spread the word for this project and put yourself in the running to win a year’s worth of chocolate. All you need to do is:

  1. Take a selfie with the Oscar Orangutan bar(s) and post it to Facebook or Instagram.
  2. Tag and follow @thechocolateyogi
  3. Tag the photo with #Orangutanselfie to enter to win a year’s worth of vegan chocolate. The photo with the most votes/likes wins.

That’s it! Now get yourself some chocolate and start saving Orangutans.

The Chocolate Yogi - Oscar Bar

Keren x

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